Joseline's Cabaret: Miami

Joseline Hernandez, the "Puerto Rican Princess," returns to Miami with her new man and a business plan: a classy cabaret show. She’ll face the challenges of the attitudes of today’s strippers, and her patience will be tested.

S1, E2

The Last Supper

Joseline's effort to reunite the ladies spirals into chaos. Will her cabaret end before it begins?

S1, E3

Don't Forget Your Self Worth

After a disastrous dinner, Joseline fights to make peace while the ladies shift gears

S1, E4

You Can't Handle My Sex Drive

Joseline is ready to show the ladies who’s boss, and her music video takes an unexpected turn.

S1, E5

Why We Not in the Video?!

Joseline faces off with Daisy and Chazzity after dropping them from her music video.

S1, E6

Locker Room Brawl

Drama hits the fan when a brawl breaks out in the locker room with Daisy and Chazzity.

S1, E7

We'll Always Have New Girls

After a fiery argument with Lucky, Joseline may be down another lady. But, will her meeting with Chazzity and Daisy lead to uncertainty for the Cabaret?