Keke Wyatt's World

R&B singer Keke Wyatt tries to balance motherhood and family life with the demands of stardom.

S1, E1

Family Matters

Drae & Keke can’t see eye to eye; her baby returns from the hospital; a new album is in the works.

S1, E2

Work-Life Balance

Keke prepares for a big show. Kemar feels bullied. Keke calls 911 when her baby stops breathing.

S1, E3

It’s My Show & I’ll Cry If I Want To

Things erupt between Keke and Drae. Kissie makes a music video, and the family visits baby Ke’Zyah.

S1, E4

Will the Real Lorna Please Stand Up?

Drae confronts Keke, again; Ke’Zyah returns home; Rahjah un-invites Lorna to his birthday party.

S1, E5

Clash of the Titans

Lorna and Rahjah continue to battle. Bella and Keke share a birthday. Keke and Drae butt heads.

S1, E6

End of the Road

Lorna and Rahjah try to talk. Keke releases new music. Keke and Drae come to an agreement.