About China

China was raised in Ingelwood, CA, a small suburb in the greater Los Angeles area. One of the earliest childhood styling memories she can recall was her constant frustration that her Barbie’s heads were too small and lacked enough hair for her to style properly. She realized her passion at a very young age when her mother took her to a beauty school where they had dolls with more realistic, life-sized heads. China was enraptured with these dolls, providing her with a more suitable opportunity to style hair. She begged the school owner to give her one of the dolls, and was overjoyed when the owner complied. She would race home every day after school to curl the doll’s hair. 

China knew she needed to grow past styling doll hair; fortunately she had a younger sister with long, beautiful locks that were perfect for her to practice her art. Sadly, China’s mother wouldn’t let her touch her little sister’s hair. China continued to ask and was thwarted every step of the way. She knew she could make her sister beautiful and vowed to prove her mother wrong by becoming a great stylist and fashioning hot styles on some of the world’s most famous heads.

China enrolled in beauty school at seventeen. One of her neighbors owned a salon in Beverly Hills and would allow China to come by a couple days a week to study and observe the craft, watching the stylists intently until the doors closed. The salon had a growing celebrity clientele and this is where China got her first taste of how to style celebrity hair. She convinced the salon owner to let her keep their old, broken curling irons, so she could go back home and continue to practice. The owner always agreed, and China was hooked. 

After graduating from beauty school, China was ready to make her mark on the world of high-end hair. She worked at a couple of salons in Lancaster until she felt she was ready to take her training-wheels off. It was at this point she began to ferociously contact the top black salon in Beverly Hills, only to be thwarted and intercepted by power-tripping assistants and receptionists who were trying to eliminate the competition. Eventually, she took it upon herself to go into this salon so they could know her as a person rather than a persistent voice that called them multiple times daily. She started out as an assistant, weeding her way through a long waiting list of potential stylists. Elgin instantly saw something special in China. It wasn’t long before she had her own booth at the prestigious Elgin Charles Salon in Beverly Hills.

After leaving the Elgin Charles salon for what she thought was a better opportunity, China bounced around the hair circuit for the next few years until she finally landed at one of L.A.’s most prestigious boutique salons. From there, her name and reputation has grown considerably. She’s even inspired her younger sister to attend beauty school and become her assistant upon graduation. China is also the creative director and promoter of a line of fashionable ties called “ShowTie”. Keep an eye out for China; she is certainly a force to be reckoned with.