About Jay

Growing up in Lakewood, CA, Jay Jones knew she wanted to be a hairdresser from a young age – beauty was her passion! After a couple of unfulfilling years in the corporate office world, Jay decided to stop everything and chase her dreams!

Jay began her foray into hair styling by first practicing on friends and family. Soon, people started to notice her work and word quickly spread. For the first time in her life, Jay felt like she was doing something right. Although she didn’t have access to a salon, Jay didn’t let it hold her back and started styling clients in her dad’s garage! Despite the humble setting, no one seemed to mind. As long as Jay’s hands were on their heads, they were happy!

As her reputation grew, Jay started advertising on social media and made business pages; both of which landed her even more clients. She got so busy, that her dad began wondering what exactly was going on in his garage! One day he came home and found a long line of girls waiting to get their hair styled. In that moment he knew that Jay had something special. Jay continued working in her father’s garage for the next five years until eventually she decided to get serious about her career and enroll in beauty school.

Beauty school turned out to be the best decision that Jay ever made. Teachers and students were very impressed by her creativity and increasingly looked forward to what she’d do next. The combination of Jay’s out-the-box-ideas and infectious personality quickly established her as the standout star of her school. After winning countless competitions and graduating from beauty school, Jay immediately acquired her license. She realized the magnitude of what she had accomplished and decided it was finally time to leave the comforts of her dad’s garage and move into a real salon. Although leaving the comfort of her home was scary, Jay knew she had to make the step.

Jay feels very blessed to join team Kimble and aspires to one day become as big as her mentors, Kim Kimble and Sam Villa. She knows that in order to stay relevant in this industry, she needs a strong work ethic and a great portfolio. Staying focused is key and as a young stylist fresh out of beauty school, Jay knows she has a lot to prove!

Between absorbing knowledge from her mentors, practicing hairstyles, and developing her own product line, 2016 & 2017 are gearing up to be Jay’s biggest years yet! Don’t let her age fool you, Jay Jones is going places and plans on taking the hair industry by storm! Jay goes to show that no matter what your past looks like, your future has no bounds. In her own words, “It’s slay time, not play time!”