About Leah

         Leah was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles with her mom and little sis, Kim, in her teenage years. In her youth, she was a dancer/actress and appeared in a couple of films and music videos.  Her entertainment career as a performer was cut short when she got married and had a baby, which shifted her priorities from entertainment to needing a steady job. She worked in the non-profit sector on issue of sexual/domestic violence and after a few years, realized she was still drawn to film/TV business. When Leah revisited her desire to be in the entertainment industry, she realized she was better suited for work behind the camera (as a screenwriting) than in front.

Leah continued her education at Jas’s insistence and went on to college to obtain a Bachelor of Arts. Since then, she has gotten two Masters degrees in Critical Studies and Screenwriting and is pursuing her PhD in Critical Studies. She will complete her PhD in 2016, as she’s been a bit delayed due to participation in a little reality show and spending a lot of time helping her sister’s business at the behest of Jas. Leah is happy to lend her managerial assistance to the salon and to be working with her family for awhile. Leah’s proudest accomplishment is her 22-year old daughter, Brenna.