About MaCray

MaCray was born and raised in the small Southern town of Critz, VA. His fascination with cosmetology began at a young age when he started brushing and styling his little sister’s doll’s hair. Although growing up MaCray loved fashion and hair, he felt as though he needed to find a career of which his family and friends would approve. Despite his true passion, MaCray went on become a history teacher after graduation. Two years later, however, he decided that he could no longer push aside his big goals and dreams.

Anxiously, MaCray revealed his true aspirations to his mother. He wanted to be a hairstylist! To his great surprise, his mother was supportive right off the bat saying, “We don’t care what you do, as long as you are happy!” With his family firmly behind him, MaCray took a giant leap of faith and enrolled at Miracle University, a cosmetology school in Martinsville, VA. Since then, he’s never looked back!

MaCray thrived in school and loved being able to completely transform a client’s style –  building their confidence and helping them feel great. After graduating in less then a year, MaCray vowed to continue challenging himself and expanding his skill set. In 2000, MaCray traveled to The Bonner Bros Hair Show and immediately knew that he wanted to participate in the “Hair Battle Royale.” He loved the crowd’s energy and relished the idea of performing in front of others on stage.

In 2009, MaCray received his instructor’s license to teach new cosmetology students. Determined to perfect his craft and continue growing as a hairstylist, MaCray attended The Sassoon Academy in Chicago for advanced training in cutting and hair color. After visiting “the windy city,” MaCray decided that he wanted to experience the faster lifestyle of “city living.” MaCray acted on those dreams when he moved from his small hometown and relocated to Chicago in 2010. He quickly began working at an upscale salon in West Loop Chicago, styling many high profile clients including multiple Ford models, Jill Scott, and Christina Milian.

Although MaCray loved living in a big city, he started to miss his friends, family, and the “small town Southern charm” with which he was raised. After much deliberation, MaCray decided it was time to return South. Moving to Greensboro, NC, he began to working at Boho Salon, voted the number one salon in the Triad. While there, MaCray focused on offering a wide range of extension services, hair color, cutting, men’s grooming, and custom wigs.

In 2013, MaCray finally achieved his dream of participating in “The Hair Battle Royale.” He was soon featured on local television morning shows, the North Carolina A&T radio station began giving “MaCrayway” tips of the week, and began offering advice to viewers on trends related to coloring, styling, and proper hair care. After his success, MaCray began coordinating and working local fashion shows and was even a premiere stylist for the Greensboro Fashion Week.

As much as MaCray enjoyed being home, he soon began to plan his next conquest – the west coast! Not one to shy away from a challenge, MaCray is excited and optimistic about the limitless possibilities that this new journey will present!