About Naja

Naja Rickette, also known as “The Naja”, is a nail stylist from the mean streets of New Jersey. Since the age of 13, Naja has been working and taking care of herself. Naja was a chef before she was a nail artist, so she knows what presentation is all about. Naja is the undisputed master at creating high end nail art not seen before by anyone. One of her proudest moments was in styling Fergie’s (Black Eyed Peas) nails for one of their most famous videos “Boom, Boom, Boom” in which she created really long, sharp looking nails with a metallic/sliver and black stripes which Fergie used in the video and on tour. She has also designed the nail look for Paris Fashion Week.

When you come to Naja to get your nails done, you get an experience. Whatever you can imagine and even some things you never thought could have been possible, she can create. Naja brings all the bells and whistles, including the use of Intuitive Reflexology which is an Egyptian method of massage, on her clients.

Naja has been creating couture nails since 2003, and it was around 2007 when she came across Kim Kimble on set while styling Mary J. Blige’s nails. Kim was impressed with Naja’s hustling attitude and took Naja under her wing and taught her a couple things about onset etiquette.

Since then, Naja has continued to keep herself busy. Along with establishing herself as an international educator and opening the Naja Nail Guru Nail Academy, a learning center dedicated to helping beauty professionals hone their techniques and develop integral business savvy and marketing skills, she has continued to build her impressive roster of celebrity clients. These include Marian Carey, LL Cool J, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj, among others. Her work has been featured in numerous editorial shoots, music videos, and magazine covers. In fact, as recently as 2013, US Weekly named Naja’s work on client Miranda Lambert the Best Mani of The Grammys!

Naja is a Couture Nail Artist, Nail Stylist, or, just to keep it short, “The Queen of Nails.”  She is the pioneer of Minx nails and launched her own collection of eight custom designs sold to nail professionals worldwide. Naja is also the former co-owner and host of Nail Talk Radio, a radio show dedicated to all things nails and promoting innovation within the professional nail community.