Life After Lockup

Couples face parole and temptations after prison releases. Will they break rules or break old habits?

S3, E19

M.I.A. Fiancée

Shawn’s M.I.A. fiancée; Sarah’s husband & boyfriend come face to face; Shavel’s shocking discovery.

S3, E20

Lame Sex or Psycho?

Lindsey hatches a plan; Shawn fears Destinie’s pregnant; Lamar’s secret meeting; Michael risks all.

S3, E21

Secret Lives & Prison Wives

John’s release spells trouble; Mother-daughter crime duo reunites; Shawn’s shocking discovery.

S3, E22

Big Daddy's Back

Lindsey snoops on Scott & uncovers shocking secrets; Lacey’s ex gets released and demands answers.

S3, E23

Ex Con-Versations

Shawn tracks missing fiancée; Amber reunites with her prison wifey & reignites an ex-con.

S3, E24

Criminal Behavior

Lindsey unleashes rage; Shawn stuns his ex with a shocking request; Prison wifey’s SEXpectations.

S3, E25

Downward Spirals

Michael confesses to Sarah; Amber hides a shocking secret; Brittany’s mom goes missing.

S3, E26

Truth Bombs

Lindsey loses it; Brittany’s frantic search for mom takes a surprising turn; Destinie drops a bomb.

S3, E27

Payback is a Snitch

Destinie goes rogue; Shane confronts Lacey’s lie; Lindsey and Scott face off; Amber tempts Puppy.

S3, E28

Inmates & Playdates

While Kristianna is away, her sister will play! Will John take the bait and betray his wife’s trust?

S3, E29

Good News, Bad News

Andrea has agreed to meet with Shante, but is she ready to hear her stepdaughter’s truth?

S3, E30

Trick or Cheat?

Shawn demands answers and is coming to collect as his relationship with Destinie remains on the rocks.

S3, E31

It's Tow or Never

Shavel’s situation falls apart when Quaylon and her cousin DMark face off. Will she choose family or love?

S3, E32

30 Day Fiancé

Sarah thinks she has her family situation on lock, but what’s Michael really up to now?

S3, E33

Dirty Little Secrets

The truth always comes to light. Shavel's world is turned upside down when Quaylon makes a shocking discovery.

S3, E34

Life, Death, or Prison

On the season finale, Kristianna confronts her sister! Meanwhile, Shavel and Quaylon reach a breaking point and Michael presents Sarah with a ring.

S3, E46

Love at Second Inmate?

Shawn awaits his new inmate’s release. Meanwhile, Ray has doubts when Britney’s mom refuses to meet him.

S3, E47

Conned Again?

Trouble is brewing with Shane and Lacey. When she makes a shocking discovery on his phone, it sends her on a downward spiral.

S3, E48

Players Get Played

Stan gets caught in the act when Lisa finds messages on his phone. Meanwhile, Nicolle hatches a plan to lure Daonte back.

S3, E49

Devil on the Shoulder

Shawn is discovering the truth about Sara, but is he ready to face what else she’s hiding? Meanwhile, Brittany searches for justice.

S3, E52

The Sober Truth

Lacey isn't buying Shane's excuses, so she confronts him about another woman. Meanwhile, Nicolle returns to Daonte.

S3, E53

Poly Problems

The bombshells keep coming for Lacey and Shane. What else will be uncovered? Plus, Daonte has an emotional sit-down with Nicolle and Tia.

S3, E53

Not One to Mess With

Lisa is exposing Stan’s shady past, but what else is he hiding? Meanwhile, Brittany seeks revenge.

S3, E54

Put A Ring On It

John and Kristianna face one major “altar”-cation before heading down the aisle. How will it affect their big day? Meanwhile, Tia stuns Nicolle with an unexpected question.

S3, E54

Demons & Lies

Lacey forces Shane to take a lie detector test. What is he hiding? Meanwhile, Lisa sets up a thirst trap for Stan.