Love After Lockup

Chaos ensues between Gabby and Chris' family after their secret marriage. Meanwhile, a surprise guest threatens Monique's release day plans.

S4, E41

Habitual Offenders

Monique drops a bombshell on Derek; Sara keeps a secret; Tayler suspects Chance is up to no goo

S4, E42

Fresh Out Glow

Sara is fed up with Shawn; Derek puts Monique to the test

S4, E43

Family Lies

Monique and Derek’s sisters face off in an explosive first meeting. Puppy reveals the truth about her relationship. Sara confesses to her mom about her ex. Chance reunites with his son after 18 years.

S4, E44

No Money, More Problems

Chance’s shocking confession; Derek is torn between Monique and his sisters; Sara keeps a secret.

S4, E45

Blindsided & Divided

Lindsey is blindsided by Blaine; Shawn flips out when Sara reveals the truth; Cameron goes M.I.A.

S4, E46

The Ring Is Off?

Derek’s big surprise is threatened by his P.O., Michael clashes with his manager, and Chance lies.

S4, E47

Roses & Thorns

Monique snoops on Derek; Lindsey spirals out of control; Aris & Cameron share big news.

S4, E48

Love Isn't Enough

Shawn faces Sara’s ex; Monique & Derek’s night out at the club goes left; Tayler tracks Chance.

S4, E49

Busted & Disgusted

Tayler catches Chance with another woman; Derek gets busted by Monique; Aris reveals a secret.

S4, E50

I Do, I Don't

Derek tries to win back Monique; A secret threatens Brittany & Marcelino's happily ever after.