Love During Lockup

Love During Lockup follows the early stages of romance with a prisoner — from romantic letters to steamy phone calls and more! Can these relationships last until release day?

S3, E62

The Secret Stash

Indie’s bounty-hunter mom uncovers the truth about her felon fiancé. Gabby has a meltdown over a wedding dilemma, but will their secret stash save the day? Haley’s ex lays down the law. Tai fears her romance with inmate Hottie is just a con.

S3, E63

Catch and Release?

Haley defies Dalton and meets his Dad anyway. Max finds out shocking news about Tara. Santiba’s sexy photo shoot fizzles. Tai goes on a date with a non-con but Boston interrupts. Gabby gets mixed signals from Felicia.

S3, E67

Buy Buy Love

Harry’s hiding something from Indie. Gabby gets mixed signals from Chris’s mom. Santiba makes a bold move. Max moves on. Tai’s night out doesn’t go as planned. Haley makes big plans for her future.

S3, E68

Lost in Love

Indie’s family recreates Harry’s crime. Haley’s lawyer drops a bombshell that makes her doubt Dalton. Max gets a surprising phone call. Tai prepares to meet Hottie’s other woman. Santiba receives upsetting news. Gabby questions Chris’s brother.

S3, E69

Bye Felicia

Tai faces off with Hottie’s other woman. Indie has a breakdown on Harry’s release day. Gabby meets Chris’s suspicious mother. Santiba finds out the truth about Talsey. Haley confronts Dalton’s mom about the money she sent him.

S3, E70

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Indie races to see Harry at the halfway house. Haley confronts Dalton about his lies. Max keeps a secret. Tai makes up with Hottie, but meets up with his other woman to get answers. Gabby awaits Chris’ release.

S3, E71

The Boy Is Mine

Gabby gets a call at Chris’ release that changes everything. Tai faces off with Boston to get the truth about Hottie. Dalton tries to win Haley back with a surprise. Max meets a new inmate. Talsey stuns Santiba after ghosting her.