Amina and Peter Gunz

About Amina and Peter Gunz


“Love & Hip Hop: New York’s” Amina and Peter have a toxic relationship that becomes difficult when an ex gets thrown into the mix. However, their relationship reaches an all-time low when Amina becomes pregnant the same time as Peter’s ex. Amina wants Peter to commit to her but he can’t seem to shake the feelings he has for his ex-girlfriend.

To get to know Amina and Peter better, WE asked them to share a few fun facts about themselves:


HOME BASE: Los Angeles, California

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO BOOT CAMP: My husband is in love with someone else.

WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO LEARN FROM BOOT CAMP: I am hoping to come out of Boot Camp a better and stronger person.

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Honest, loving and free.


HOME BASE: Yonkers, New York

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO BOOT CAMP: I wanted to see if we could salvage our marriage or move on.

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Nice, fun and crazy!

SOMETHING THE PUBLIC DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I’m a good person! Bad husband, bad boyfriend, but a good person.