JJ and Juelia

About JJ and Juelia


Juelia and JJ might have met on “Bachelor in Paradise,” but it wasn’t until they left Mexico that they gave their relationship a shot. Leaving Paradise for Boot Camp, JJ admits that he still has feelings for his ex-wife, which makes Juelia feel unsure about her place in his heart. Can they work through their issues or is paradise lost for this couple?

To get to know JJ and Juelia better, WE asked them to share a few fun facts about themselves:


HOME BASE: Parker, Colorado

WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO LEARN FROM BOOT CAMP: How to be a better man, boyfriend, and future husband.

IN 10 YEARS, I SEE MYSELF: Married, with another child and back in a stable career.

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Driven, relentless, dad.


HOME BASE: San Diego, California

WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO LEARN DURING YOUR TIME AT BOOT CAMP: I want to see if our relationship is for the long haul – find out what is holding us back.

3 CRAZIEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER DONE: 1) Moved to San Diego without knowing a single soul. 2) Eloped in Las Vegas. 3) Quit my fashion job to be an insurance agent.

SOMETHING THE PUBLIC DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: How successful I have been in my past.