Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Kailyn and Javi

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Divorcing “Teen Mom 2’s” Kailyn and Javi are trying to learn how to co-parent as they go through their divorce. Kailyn wants to move on and Javi is hoping to make it work, but when Kailyn reveals that she slept with his best friend, will Javi have second thoughts about wanting to make their relationship work? To get to know Kailyn and Javi better, WE asked them to share a few fun facts about themselves: KAILYN LOWRY HOME BASE: Dover, Delaware WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO BOOT CAMP: To learn to co-parent our son. WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO LEARN FROM BOOT CAMP: How to continue to deal with Javi. CRAZIEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER DONE: 1) Skydive 2) Cliff Jump 3) Deal with Javi JAVI MARROQUIN HOME BASE: Smyrna, Delaware WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO LEARN DURING YOUR TIME AT BOOT CAMP: Who I am as a person. 3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Loving, happy and open. IN 10 YEARS, I SEE MYSELF: Remarried, more kids, possibly still in the military.

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