Lisa D’Amato and Adam Friedman

About Lisa D’Amato and Adam Friedman

America’s Next Top Model wild child, Lisa D’Amato and entrepreneur, Adam Friedman tied the knot in 2012 after a long engagement, and welcomed son, Daxyl Vaughn in 2013. The couple’s marriage hit the rocks when Adam’s doomsday prepping hobby turned into a way of life. Adam wants Lisa to squelch her wild streak and learn how to protect their family, but she refuses to live in fear. Meanwhile, she wants another baby which doesn’t fit into Adam’s doomsday preparations. Will Marriage Boot Camp help this couple find a happy medium or is their relationship heading straight into the apocalypse?

Learn More About Lisa

L.A. native Lisa D’Amato has been working since she was sixteen years old, and her efforts have certainly paid off. Her career skyrocketed after winning America’s Next Top Model: All Stars in 2012. Since then, Lisa has made several television appearances including cameos on later episodes of ANTM.

Currently, Lisa is a busy recording artist who also has a successful radio show called Bompop Radio on the DashRadio App which features a variety of talented Indie musicians. And when Lisa isn’t recording original music, she’s recording her podcast called “LOL.A.” which offers a comedic look at the ins and outs of daily life in Los Angeles.

Learn More About Adam

No one lives up to the title of Hollywood royalty like Adam Friedman. The entrepreneur owns and resides in the iconic Hollywood Castle which was built by his parents in the 1970s. Ever the entrepreneur, Adam has turned his family home into a cash cow by offering it up as a unique setting for corporate events, weddings, tv shows, films, and music videos. But Adam’s entrepreneurial ventures don’t end with the castle.

With the recent surge in popularity of e-cigarettes, Adam was quick to cash in on the trend. He and his wife opened the Up In Smoke Shop five years ago, and business is booming! The novelty vape pen and smoke shop will also feature a special line of vape pen flavors by Lisa D’Amato later this year.