Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Mehgan and DeAndre

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: "Almost" Dating “Texas Temptation” Mehgan of “Bad Girls Club” wants her former college-football-star boyfriend DeAndre to clean up his act and get serious, or else she’ll walk. Frustrated with his $10-an-hour salary, she wants him to focus on the future of his career, but her overconfidence is giving him doubts as to whether his future includes her. To get to know Mehgan and DeAndre better, WE asked them to share a few fun facts about themselves: MEHGAN JAMES HOME BASE: Los Angeles, California WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO BOOT CAMP: Learning how to make this relationship better or getting guidance for future relationships. 3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Ambitious, kind and generous. CRAZIEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER DONE: Had sex outside and helped a friend bust out an ex's car windows! DEANDRE PERRY HOME BASE: Austin, Texas WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO LEARN DURING YOUR TIME AT BOOT CAMP: To help our relationship get back to where it was. SOMETHING THAT THE PUBLIC DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU: I'm a quiet and shy person. IN 10 YEARS, I SEE MYSELF: With a family, living life.

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