Sneak Peek

Death and Divorce Court

Season 2, Episode 2
Aired 1.16.15

Drama hits the roof in Divorce Court; Natalie clashes with the toughest judge in the country; Syleena walks out in tears. Couples are forced to stare death in the face; Spencer's antics infuriate the Directors. Show Full Recap

The reality stars are blind-sided when they find themselves in Divorce Court where they come face-to-face with the toughest divorce judge in the country. Judge Lynn Toler takes them to task, unearthing dark, ugly truths and hitting them with the ultimate verdict: what lies ahead for each couple if their deep-rooted relationship issues go unresolved. Natalie explodes when she is told she can easily be replaced if she continues to disrespect Jacob. Syleena is devastated when slammed about her priorities, sending the R&B Diva sobbing out of the courtroom. And an eleventh hour confession from Tyson crushes Rachel. Meanwhile, Spencer's antics continue to infuriate the Directors. The day takes an unexpected turn when the directors inform the celebrities of a terrible car crash. The life-like drill is a traumatic wakeup call that will force the couples to show their true colors.

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