Sneak Peek

Deception Indicated

Season 2, Episode 9
Aired 3.6.15

A single’s night out erupts into a drunken debacle between Heidi and Aviva. Reid tries to buy sexual favors for Tyson. A surprise lie detector test exposes the ugly truth when Syleena confesses to infidelity. Show Full Recap

It’s the day before the final ring ceremony, when each couple will have to decide to stay together or call it quits. But before that can happen, the couples are hit with a second, surprise lie detector test. And as an added twist, each person will not only be questioned by the directors but by their spouse and the other boot campers. The directors want to make sure any lingering questions are answered and any remaining lies uncovered before the couples make their final decisions. Once in the hot seat, Syleena confesses a shocking secret she has been hiding from the directors that has been hurting her marriage; Aviva and Reid feel attacked when the couples bombard them with spiteful questions; and Tyson is stunned when Rachel suddenly gives him an ultimatum. She wants to be engaged in 24 hours or she will leave him. But will she stick to her guns? Meanwhile, Spencer's difficulty of accepting his own demons still stands in the way of a future family with Heidi while Natalie and Jacob find themselves on opposite paths when they flip flop their future plans. After the lie detector test, the married couples' wedding rings are collected and they are given a hall pass for the night. The guys decide they are giving Tyson an impromptu bachelor party, but things begin to unravel when a woman propositions Jacob and Reid tries to buy sexual favors. Across town, an intoxicated Heidi makes sure Aviva feels excluded while the women let loose. Things explode when Aviva calls out Heidi for her drinking and mean girl behavior. The drama bleeds over back at the house when the women return and Rachel hears the racy details of Tyson's night out.

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