Sneak Peek

Picture Perfect Revenge

Season 2, Episode 4
Aired 1.30.15

Jealousy ignites when celebrity couples are forced to swap partners. Jacob is provoked and seeks revenge when he breaks a promise to his wife. Scandalous photos enrage Natalie as a shocked Heidi hides in fear. Show Full Recap

Before the day begins in earnest, Marriage Boot Camp Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll discover someone has tampered with the boxes containing the "Game-changer' questions. Heidi and Natalie admit to opening a few envelopes, but the also guilty Reid remains silent as the Directors reprimand the women. When Reid escapes the punishment that is doled out by the Directors, it raises the ire of Spencer, who calls him out in front of everyone, including Reid's wife Aviva. The first drill of the day shows how unmet needs leave a relationship vulnerable to affairs. Directors Jim and Elizabeth warn the couples "if you aren't making your spouse happy, someone else will." Enter Spouse Swap, the exercise where the couples switch partners and go on dates specifically chosen for them to learn what it is like to feel fulfilled in a relationship. The dates trigger more than a good time: Natalie and Spencer get too close for comfort during their date, while Heidi convinces a jealous Jacob to break Natalie’s one and only sacred house rule. During evaluation, Natalie becomes enraged when she is presented with scandalous pictures from her husband’s date. The night spirals into mayhem and Natalie is out for blood.

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