Sneak Peek

Played and Betrayed

Season 2, Episode 3
Aired 1.23.15

Tyson reveals a secret about Rachel that shocks everyone; Natalie goes on a destructive rampage after Rachel betrays her in an exercise; Heidi joins the attack and Syleena explodes. Show Full Recap

It is day three of Marriage Boot Camp. In this episode, the Directors push the celebrity couples to take responsibility for issues that are destroying their relationships. They begin the day with a drill called 'Throwing Blame' where the couples are presented with a rack of heavy medicine balls labeled with issues plaguing their relationships. After choosing their issues, the couples must toss the balls back and forth calling out why they are not to blame for the problem. The point of the drill is to impress upon the couples how exhausting blame can be and the toll it takes on a relationship. Natalie and Jacob are first up and the game of catch quickly deteriorates into a shouting match when the Bad Girl physically pushes her husband in frustration; Spencer lashes out at Heidi telling her he doesn't respect their marriage when she confronts him about having children; and Tyson drops a bomb about Rachel, revealing she sometimes doesn't come home at night. Is Rachel cheating? The shocker turns everyone against Rachel except Natalie who tells her until she gets a ring, she is free to do as she pleases. But things quickly change when Rachel crosses Natalie in the next drill. Furious over a perceived betrayal, Natalie goes on a screaming rampage, accusing Rachel of being fake and tearing the wedding dresses down which decorated her bedroom. Heidi joins the attack while Syleena struggles to keep the peace. The blowout leaves Rachel feeling shaken, defeated and uncertain whether she will survive Marriage Boot Camp.

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