Sneak Peek

The Exorcism

Season 2, Episode 7
Aired 2.20.15

Emotions run rampant when the stars reveal dark secrets from their pasts. Syleena is blindsided by an unexpected visitor. Heidi divulges a horrific betrayal. Spencer attacks Jim in a brutal face-off. Show Full Recap

It is day seven of Marriage Boot Camp and the couples are forced to come face to face with the personal demons that haunt them from their past and are destroying their current relationships. In the first drill, the directors ask them to talk about an incident that happened to them as a child that still affects them today. Heidi divulges a terrifying betrayal, while Spencer struggles to let go of his anger. Meanwhile, Tyson finally cracks when he revisits a terrifying childhood memory and Aviva refuses to give in to any emotion when discussing a horrific accident that cost her leg when she was just six-years old. Elizabeth warns Aviva that her lack of honesty and openness in this drill is the very thing that will destroy her marriage. Nonplussed, Aviva insists she poured out her heart and is giving 100-percent. This angers Heidi who confronts Aviva for not keeping it real - a sentiment shared by the entire house. Fed up with her deceit, Natalie pushes her way into Aviva and Reid's room and scrawls 'fake' across a portrait of Aviva's hanging on the wall. Kiwane calls an emergency house meeting to mediate a truce, but that's when the claws really come out and the boot campers get to see a side of Aviva they have never seen before. Before anything can be settled, the stars are called away to the second drill of the night and the toughest they will face at Boot Camp so far: forgiving a person who has hurt them the most. Syleena is blindsided by a surprise visitor and Spencer unleashes a demonic fury on Jim.

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