Sneak Peek

The Ultimatum

Season 2, Episode 10
Aired 3.13.15

The final ring ceremony reveals the deal breaker results and forces final decisions. One couple faces an ultimatum. Will Tyson propose to Rachel or will he lose her forever? Show Full Recap

After weeks of breakdowns and breakthroughs at Marriage Boot Camp, it’s decision time. Will the celebrity couples decide to recommit or go their separate ways? With just a few hours until the ring ceremony and the answers to the game changer questions looming, the couples are left with a lot to think about. The morning begins with the fallout from a wild night out of partying which ended with a booze-fueled cat fight between Heidi and Aviva that rocked the entire house. Meanwhile, Reid calls out Tyson for leading Rachel on for too long, Spencer comes to terms that he might lose Heidi for good, and Jacob questions whether he wants to keep putting up with Natalie’s disrespectful behavior. Jim and Elizabeth Carroll set up a final one on one with each boot camper to help guide them in their final choices. It’s time for Spencer to mature and give Heidi what she desperately wants…a baby. Natalie will have to give Jacob the respect he deserves and Syleena and Kiwane will have finally put to rest an infidelity to salvage their relationships. It's the last chance for Aviva and Reid to finally get out of their heads, and get into their hearts. And after six and a half years, Tyson is finally hit with an ultimatum; will he take the plunge and propose to Rachel or will he lose her forever?

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