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Dangerous Liaisons

Season 3, Episode 6
Aired 7.10.15

A spouse swap sparks drama: Tami confronts Hank, Travis blasts Kendra while Aubrey crosses the line. Kendra questions her strength when Hank finally decides it's time to talk about his alleged liaison. Show Full Recap

After a draining day of communication drills, Kendra has reached her breaking point and tells Hank she can no longer be his puppet. A fearful Hank puts his walls up and refuses to come clean. Frustrated, the directors decide they will try and move Hank off the dime with the next drill – the spouse swap. Not only will the couples determine whether the grass is greener, but the strategic pairings will force Kendra and Hank to deal with the elephant in the room. Pandemonium ensues, when a miffed Tami is paired with Hank, leaving Kendra on edge, fearful her nemesis will grill Hank with more questions about his alleged infidelity. Meanwhile, Aubrey and Mike get down and dirty on their burlesque date, and the gloves come off after Travis tells Kendra that she and Hank are wasting everyone’s time. After receiving more clarity from evaluation, Hank decides it is finally time to talk. But Kendra fears she is not strong enough to handle the truth.

Executive Producers

Adam Freeman

Erin Kelly

Executive Producers

Adam Reed

Leslie Greif

Co-Executive Producers

Antonia Mattia

Nick Capodice


Elizabeth Carroll

Jim Carroll

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