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Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Season 3, Episode 12
Aired 8.21.15

The reality stars must make the ultimate decision; to stay together or to call it quits. The results from the lie detector test spark doubt. One spouse shocks their partner at the at the final ring ceremony. Show Full Recap

It’s decision time. After surviving the toughest weeks of their relationships at Marriage Boot Camp, the celebrity couples are left to make the ultimate decision; to stay together or to go their separate ways. As the clock winds down to the final ring ceremony, the couples have a lot to think about as the aftermath of the lie detector test, which resulted in a major blowout between Aubrey and Travis, forces everyone to reevaluate their relationships. Jim and Elizabeth Carroll set up the last one-on-one with each person to help guide their final choices. The couples are anxious and still uncertain on whether to give their partner a ring or not: there are questions of fidelity, betrayal, babies and forgiveness. One of the stars gets blindsided when their spouse reveals an empty ring box. When it comes time to makeup or breakup, who will ultimately leave Boot Camp together, and who will leave with serious doubts?

Executive Producers
Adam Freeman
Erin Kelly

Executive Producers
Adam Reed
Leslie Greif

Co-Executive Producers
Antonia Mattia
Nick Capodice

Elizabeth Carroll
Jim Carroll

The Marriage Boot Camp seminars created by
Jim Carroll

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Footage from “Kendra On Top” Courtesy of Prometheus Entertainment
Canoe Jack

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