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Grave Injustice

Season 3, Episode 9
Aired 7.31.15

The couples reveal traumatic events from the past and must forgive those who hurt them. Mike nearly comes to blows; a shocking revelation from Tami stuns all; and a surprise ambush leaves Hank frozen in fear. Show Full Recap

It’s day seven of Marriage Boot Camp and it’s time to bury the past. The first drill sees the couples open up as they dig deep and share the most traumatic events that have continued to haunt their hearts and sabotage their relationships. Frustration builds when Hank continues to keep his walls up. As everyone tells heart-wrenching stories, Hank shares unconvincingly that his childhood asthma was ultimately to blame for all of his woes. The next part of the drill has the couples write a letter to the person or event that has hurt them the most in the form of a eulogy. Later, the couples are called outside one by one and led to a grave, where they are met by directors, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. The couples are then directed to bury their demons by forgiving the person or event they wrote their eulogy letter to in order to move forward in their life and relationship. Mike "The Situation" is ready to throw punches when Jim forces him to confront his anger issues with his father. Kendra refuses to forgive her mother and everyone is shocked by a surprise childhood revelation from Tami. Meanwhile, Hank is blindsided when director, Jim Carroll forces Hank to confront the scandal surrounding his encounter with the transsexual model. Hank freezes, reigniting Kendra’s anger and putting their marriage back in jeopardy.

Executive Producers
Adam Freeman
Erin Kelly

Executive Producers
Adam Reed
Leslie Greif

Co-Executive Producers
Antonia Mattia
Nick Capodice

Elizabeth Carroll
Jim Carroll

The Marriage Boot Camp seminars created by
Jim Carroll

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