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The Confession

Season 3, Episode 7
Aired 7.17.15

Hank finally breaks his silence regarding his alleged infidelity with a transgender model in a gut-wrenching confession. Kendra is devastated by his revelations. Travis crumbles when hit with harsh criticism. Show Full Recap

Halfway through Marriage Boot Camp, Hank finally breaks his silence regarding his alleged infidelity with a transgender model in a shocking, gut-wrenching confession. Devastated by his revelations, Kendra demands to listen to the newly released audiotape, while Boot Camp directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll step in to mediate. Hank’s confession leaves Kendra feeling weak and broken when she finally faces the truth. Unaware that Hank is upstairs revealing it all, tension in the house escalates, as the other couples become more and more convinced that Kendra and Hank are not being open like the rest of the group. After the confession, the couples are blindsided when they are forced to propose to a new mate. Jealousy rears its ugly head and hidden desires are exposed as each person gets down on one knee. The tables quickly turn when Jim and Elizabeth instruct the couples to give each other harsh criticism and explain why they would NOT choose them as their significant other. Mike is singled out for being unable to give honest feedback because he is too afraid of what other people will think of him. The brutal honesty is eye-opening for most, but Travis crumbles when hit with harsh truths about himself. Later, Kendra confronts Aubrey to put any doubts of her and Hank’s honesty to rest, while Tami puts Reggie on blast for flirting with other women in the house. The night spirals out of control when Travis suffers a dramatic breakdown, as Boot Camp proves to be too much for him to take.

Executive Producers
Adam Freeman
Erin Kelly

Executive Producers
Adam Reed
Leslie Greif

Co-Executive Producers
Antonia Mattia
Nick Capodice

Elizabeth Carroll
Jim Carroll

The Marriage Boot Camp seminars created by
Jim Carroll

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