Sneak Peek

The Sex Tape

Season 3, Episode 8
Aired 7.24.15

A boot camp sex tape exposes Mike’s weaknesses, Travis’s insecurities and Kendra’s need for control. After a fight with Reggie, Tami threatens to leave boot camp and meet up with her ex beau for a revenge romp. Show Full Recap

After Hank’s shocking confession, the drama continues into the night. Kendra and Hank are startled when Aubrey seeks their help to console Travis who has hit his breaking point at Boot Camp. On day six it’s time to talk about sex and intimacy. The couples are sent to their rooms for the first drill, “7 Minutes in Heaven” where they can use those playful minutes any way they desire. Lauren and Mike dive right into bed while the other couples share intimate conversations. Tami and Reggie’s private time turns south when Tami decides to do laundry, which leaves Reggie feeling shut down. When the 7 minutes are up, everyone meets back in the Boot Camp room except for person is missing- Reggie. Travis volunteers to get Reggie, who Tami left in bed sleeping as revenge for not doing the drill her way. Reggie returns feeling rejected and is blindsided when Tami reveals that if she wants good sex, she can hit up her ex. Feeling that their relationship is over, Tami threatens to pack her bags and leave Boot Camp. The next drill finds the reality stars revealing their intimate bedroom secrets when they make a sex tape. The couples are relieved when they discover that puppets will be taking their place in front of the camera. Mike’s addictive nature, Kendra’s need for control and Travis’s false bravado and lack of self-confidence are exposed. The couples are not surprised when Jeff and Jordan are awkward when they are forced to act out doing the deed. Tami apologizes to Reggie for her bad behavior, and the two make up with a mouth-dropping puppet performance. Later, the couples turn in for an intimate night cap, as they await the toughest day of Boot Camp.

Executive Producers
Adam Freeman
Erin Kelly

Executive Producers
Adam Reed
Leslie Greif

Co-Executive Producers
Antonia Mattia
Nick Capodice

Elizabeth Carroll
Jim Carroll

The Marriage Boot Camp seminars created by
Jim Carroll

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