Sneak Peek

Troubled Waters

Season 3, Episode 5
Aired 6.26.15

The couples navigate the treacherous waters of communication, leaving a wake of destruction as the perfect couple, Jeff and Jordan, go off the deep end. Fed up, Kendra demands Hank tell the truth. Show Full Recap

The day begins with an unhappy Aubrey and Travis cleaning the Marriage Boot Camp compound’s horse stables as punishment for breaking a promise not to argue. But more conflict lies ahead after the couples discover their communication skills will be put to the test by the directors in a blindfolded canoe race. Petrified of water, Tami quits the drill and storms back to the mansion before her and Reggie’s boat pushes off the dock; and Jeff’s hot temper finally flares leaving Jordan in tears; Aubrey and Travis battle it out with Kendra and Hank for the finish as the other couples are left paddling in confusion and chaos. Unbeknownst to the couples, the race was based on communication, not speed. The couples are shocked when the directors announce the actual winners of the drill, leaving the house divided. Later, the couples must then role reverse and play out a typical fight between them. Jeff and Jordan realize their pending marriage is in danger, while Kendra and Hank continue to ignore the infidelity rumors. Elizabeth seizes the opportunity to confront Kendra’s denial and Hank’s resistance. The night ends with a tearful Kendra realizing she can no longer defend Hank and demanding he tell her the truth before it is too late. Troubled Waters Episode Credits

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