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Web of Lies

Season 3, Episode 11
Aired 8.14.15

A surprise lie detector test sparks the biggest meltdown in Marriage Boot Camp history. Infidelity is revealed; Travis storms off while Aubrey goes ballistic and threatens to leave the house. Show Full Recap

The truth could set you free….from your relationship. With only 24 hours left until the final ceremony, the reality stars are blindsided when they find out they will be wired up…to take a lie detector test! Each person will get to ask their partner one burning question they need truthfully answered before they make their final decision to stay together or call it quits: Travis wants to know if Aubrey really cheated on him; Kendra has the same question for her husband; Tami wants to know what Reggie really did on that Vegas trip. Mike has fidelity questions, too. The couples are divided and five polygraph experts escort the first group to take the test while other half are presented with their compatibility scores, left for them by Judge Lynn Toler. These scores have been sealed since the Judge first met them in her courtroom at the beginning of Boot Camp. The judge’s relationship assessments only add fuel to the already tense environment. Meanwhile, Hank begins to have second thoughts when his group is up to take the polygraph, and asks to consult his attorney. While everyone waits for the results, speculation grows rampant and a blowout between Aubrey and Travis erupts. Later, the couples gather into the Boot Camp room for the lie detector results. A firestorm ignites when deception is indicated and infidelity is revealed. The night spirals into utter and complete chaos with one couple packing to leave.

Executive Producers
Adam Freeman
Erin Kelly

Executive Producers
Adam Reed
Leslie Greif

Co-Executive Producers
Antonia Mattia
Nick Capodice

Elizabeth Carroll
Jim Carroll

The Marriage Boot Camp seminars created by
Jim Carroll

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