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An Affair to Remember

Season 4, Episode 1
Aired 12.4.15

The couples are ambushed by a surprise game show on the first day of Boot Camp, revealing dark truths. A secret affair is exposed while a disturbing twist sends one couple off the deep end and another packing. Show Full Recap

Will the weight of a tabloid scandal, a secret affair, and a shocking pregnancy derail Marriage Boot Camp before five celebrity couples have a chance to salvage their broken relationships? The drama begins immediately when the powder keg duo from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Benzino and Althea Heart arrive to the mansion ready for combat, fighting the second they cross the threshold. When America’s favorite Bachelor couple, Sean Lowe and wife Catherine Giudici arrive, they are caught in the dueling couple’s crosshairs. The argument continues to escalate when Bad Girl Sarah Oliver and boyfriend, Jimmy “Inkman” Coney, enter bringing attitude and an inclination for threesomes. But when Basketball Wives: LA star Sundy Carter arrives with her ex-husband Cedric in tow — Benzino is blindsided. He and Sundy share a past — and it is a secret she has kept hidden from her ex-husband. The rest of the house is shocked when Althea brings their romantic history to light while Sundy and Cedric explore the compound grounds. In the midst of the chaos, another knock at the door – it’s Mama June and Sugar Bear! The controversial couple returns to television for the first time since a scandal tore their marriage and their family apart. Marriage Boot Camp is their last resort. When another argument sparks over who needs therapy, Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll jumpstart Boot Camp with a bang – ambushing the couples with a relationship game show designed to reveal their darkest secrets. And later, when the couples retire to their bedrooms after a long exhausting day, a disturbing surprise awaits them and sends one couple off the deep end and another packing.

Executive Producer

Leslie Greif

Adam Reed

Executive Producers 

Adam Freeman

Erin Richards

Co-Executive Producers

Antonia Mattia


Elizabeth Carroll

Jim Carroll

The Marriage Boot Camp seminars created by Jim Carroll

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Erika Wadler

Director of Development

Brian Dale

Line Producer

Tara Gentile

Director of Post Production

Suzzanne Stangel


Barry Bond

Richard Frazier

Adam Barton

Dallas Baker

Mark Hornish

Tim Wilsbach

Kevin M. Proulx

Jason Berlin

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Ayelet Bick 

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John Kalning

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Natalie Gecht

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David D'Orsa

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Louise Clauson

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Chris Rehnke 

James Wade

Ruben Reynaga

Associate Story Producers

Becky Flaum

Saba Farmanara

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Hugo Orellana

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Armando Valez 

Carlos Carmona 

Mark Duncan 

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Luke Wyatt

 Vic Smith

Kerry Clemens

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Mike Dy (Day) 

Ross D'Alessandro (Night) 

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Nick Patino

Steve Jones

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Darran Webb


Don Winters

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Danielle Schwartz 

Angela Park

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Beth Wall

Krista Homiak

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Ralph Blanchard

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Pam O'Brien

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Andrew Kimble

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Uri Fleming

In-House Attorney

Nicholas Williamson

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Hillary Corbin

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Aaron Talavera

Digital Producer

Jeff Sutphen


Stacy Main

Corey Dumais

Rayka Zehtabchi

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Alex Parnell 

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Brian C. Stroner

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Suzanne Gladstone

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Sara Dollar

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Ashley Fellman

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Benrus D. Madlangbayan

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Theresa Patiri

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Lauren P. Gellert

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