Sneak Peek

Taradise Lost

Season 5, Episode 1
Aired 6.3.16

The house is shocked when one star enters boot camp alone and is sent out on a mad hunt to find their mate. Couples are blindsided by a surprise talk show hosted by Montel Williams, revealing dark secrets. Show Full Recap

It’s Day 1 of Marriage Boot Camp as five reality show couples enter the house up against a two week forecast of intense drills and exercises that is predicted to rock their relationships with heavy drama, thunderous reveals and a chance of pain! First to enter the compound grounds is Bachelor in Paradise couple Michelle Money and beau Cody Sattler whose relationship is anything but paradise. As a single mother, Michelle doubts if Cody is “the one” as she finds Cody’s selfie obsession embarrassing while Cody struggles to fully trust Michelle. Memphitz Wright and wife Toya from Toya: A Family Affair arrive under the weight of a devastating scandal and potential jail time. For the last six months, Memphitz and Toya have been living separately but will boot camp force them to grow together or more apart? America’s Next Top Model, Lisa D’Amato and husband Adam ride up in an army tank filled with fear that is intoxicating their marriage. Lisa is an untamed wild child who is under the constant scrutiny of her husband who is a die-hard doomsday prepper. Will Lisa and Adam be able to control the anxieties that affect their relationship or like the world, according to Adam, will their marriage come to a sudden end? For Basketball Wives LA star Lorenzo Gordon and fiancée Brittish Williams, his infidelity is debilitating the trust in their relationship and continues to destroy their chances of walking down the aisle. If Lorenzo doesn’t stop cheating and dribbling over other women, it’s over. As the couples wait for the fifth pair to arrive, an unfamiliar face enters the boot camp room-alone! Everyone is shocked when party boy Dean May introduces himself and claims he is there to work on his relationship with his on again, off again girlfriend, actress Tara Reid. Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll enter the scene ready to start boot camp but are taken back when they hear Tara is MIA. They instruct Dean to go find her and bring her back to the house. Otherwise, they are kicked out of the program. As a search party is on the hunt to find Tara, it’s time for the first exercise. The couples are blindsided by a surprise talk show, featuring their relationship issues hosted by Montel Williams. Dark secrets including a used hall pass and infidelities are exposed in front of a live audience. And boot camp has just begun! The tension escalates when the couples are instructed to find their bedrooms where they come to discover that their sleeping arrangements are in the middle of their worst nightmares. Later that night, someone tip toes into the house…Will Tara ever show up or will Dean be leaving boot camp the way he arrived…alone.


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