Sneak Peek

Blood In the Water

Season 6, Episode 3
Aired 10.21.16

Drama erupts when the stars fight dirty. KeKe goes ballistic; Amber breaks down over Jim’s drinking. Nikko battles to win Margeaux back. Show Full Recap

It’s Day 3 at Marriage Boot Camp and low blows echo throughout the house as Karen and Storm have yet to put their feud over the death exercise to rest. Karen feels humiliated and Storm continues to refuse to participate in the program. More trouble erupts when Margeaux and Nikko pour salt on to old wounds, and when resentments ignite, Margeaux goes ballistic! As fighting keeps up throughout the day, it’s time to learn how to fight fair. The couples are called out to the pool and the sight of water sets KeKe off, leaving Michael without a fighting chance to work on bettering their relationship. But the drill must go on. The couples stand across from each other on moving platforms on opposite sides of the pool while Dr. Ish and Dr. V are at the controls, as they decide who will be pushed into the freezing water based on the way they fight. But there is a twist! If someone gets wet…nobody wins! Everyone is shocked when Amber brings up Jim’s drinking problem, and Jim jumps in the pool to escape the issue. And Tanner dives in before Jade can speak. Merika’s jealousy takes over when it’s Nikko’s turn, who battles to win Margeaux back, but all is fair in love and war… And to everyone’s surprise, Storm, who was brawling with Karen in the morning, figures out the secret of the drill- to come out of a fight victorious, resolution is the goal, not winning. Later, Michael begs KeKe to meet him half way in to talk, but KeKe hits him with a shocking, “Kill yourself!” and sends him to sleep on the couch, leaving their relationship on the line. Meanwhile, Jim toys with the throuple by playing both sides. The next day, Dr. Ish and Dr. V, although disappointed in the couples’ behavior during the fight drill, are proud of Storm for making progress, but he’s not off the hook! In evaluation, Judge Toler gives out a punishment to one of the stars. But when the punishment means taping someone’s mouth shut, it results in a shockwave of torment in the house, and hell is about to break loose…

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