Sneak Peek

Black Heart Down

Season 6, Episode 8
Aired 12.2.16

The stars unleash self-hate when they must forgive their worst enemy, themselves! Jade is pushed to the edge while Keke and Margeaux go head-to head. Lies about a secret kiss leads to trouble... Show Full Recap

It’s day 8 of Marriage Boot Camp when Merika wakes up in pain after going on a jealous rampage the night before and drinking herself into oblivion. While Merika nurses a hangover, Nikko takes his last chance to win back Margeaux when he makes a shocking move. And when Merika asks Margeaux if anything happened, Margeaux resorts to lies. The couples are blindsided when Dr. V and Dr. Ish have them face their worst enemy, themselves! If they can’t accept themselves, they can’t fully give their heart to their partner, as torturing themselves with self-hate will only hold them back from progressing in their relationships. For the first part of the exercise, the couples are split into two groups where they must write down all the things they hate about themselves on black and white photos of their faces. Drama erupts when the couples expose their inner demons including guilt, regret and insecurity. And when Keke’s insecurities involve her rivalry with Margeaux, another war between the divas breaks out! For the next drill, the couples are greeted with a piñata in the shape of a black heart and on the front hangs their picture with the list of things they hate about themselves. To release the negative energy that has tainted their hearts black, the couples must swing at the piñata as they unleash all of their self-hate. After each blow, Jade breaks down while Keke beats out her anger at Margeaux. Unbeknownst to the couples, there is a hidden surprise inside that will showcase their good qualities that brought the couples together in the first place. During evaluation, Judge Toler proclaims Jade and Tanner are on the brink more than anyone, driving Jade to her wits end with Boot Camp. Later, tension ignites when Merika confronts Margeaux as she suspects she is falling back in love with Nikko. Margeaux strikes Merika in the heart when she threatens to end the relationship…

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