Alana Atkins

About Alana Atkins

Alana Atkins is the 8th of 9 children from Eddie and Thomasina Atkins. She was born in Gardena, CA and raised in Inglewood, CA. Although not perfect, she had a great childhood. They titled her, “the rough one,” very much like her father.

She started high school at Narbonne High and graduated from Norwalk High School in 2003. Alana studied biological sciences at Cerritos College and graduated in 2006. Later she received her B.S. in animal science at UC Davis and graduated in 2009.Her nearly 11 year-old dog/son, Scooby, sparked her interest in studying animals.

Alana loves animals, running, learning new things, going to church and being with friends and family. She is adventurous and enjoy trying new things.