About Goo Goo

Celebrity Stylist “Goo Goo” is no stranger to creating stellar looks. It began when she, the biggest little sister to five and big sister to two, would often think of ways to make herself look great with no budget, no sewing skills and a very creative mind.

She began sketching her ideas and soliciting her tailor friends to make them, in exchange for adding her designs to their books. More than 20 years later her creative wardrobe styling has led her to work with Wendy Raquel Robinson, Vanessa Williams, Mary Mary, Michelle Williams, Laz Alonso, Morris Chestnut and Avant to name a few.

Her work as a stylist has been seen on television, stage plays, The Grammy, American Music Awards, magazines, video shoots etc. Her specialty is “the curvy woman,” why just look at her! www.LetGooDressYou.com