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Reality Star Rachel Reilly (Catch Her on My Fair Wedding With David Tutera!) Reveals Her Tips for an Awesome Bachelorette Party

If you watch Big Brother and The Amazing Race, you probably know the story of Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, veterans of both shows who tied the knot earlier this month. And guess what their next reality TV destination is? WE tv’s My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.

“I AM SOOO EXCITED TO BE WORKING WITH DAVID TUTERTA and to be on My Fair Wedding — this is truly every girl’s dream come true,” Reilly told us before her big day. “IT’S AMAZING and I can’t wait to see what David has in store for us!”

But before she walked down the aisle, Rachel gathered all her reality TV girlfriends for a blow-out bachelorette party in … you guessed it … Vegas, baby! Below, she shares her tips for the most awesome bachelorette party ever, whether you’re planning a girls’ weekend or keeping it local.

What did you do for your bachelorette party?

For my bachelorette party, my girlfriends and I went to Las Vegas! We have a condo in Vegas (sleeps about 12 people) which is really nice, so we can have breakfasts and snacks in the condo and go and come as we please. There were 20 girls, so it was nice to have the extra space! (I would recommend that if you don’t own a condo in Vegas and you’re doing a bachelorette party to rent a condo — ours is right behind the Strip and it’s great so you can have relaxing mornings. You have a refrigerator, stove, etc. it feels like home.)

Drinks are a must at a bachelorette party. Did you have any especially fun cocktails or shots?

We had a Bloody Mary and mimosa bar. We had two bottles of vodka, one vanilla and one raspberry, plenty of water and a few poolside snacks. (I would recommend flavored vodka for the girls, because you have more options and less calories.) We spent the day at the pool lounging and toasting with our friends. My favorite shot for bachelorette parties is flavored orange vodka with champagne — it’s like a mini mimosa.

What did you do for decorations?

My sister made sure to include a lot of FUN bachelorette decorations around the condo. We had all the oversized rings, the napkins that said “Soon-to-Be Mrs.,” the “boy part” straws in a cup, the oversized drink glasses, the plates — everything bachelorette!

Any party games?

We had a bachelorette party card game, which was so FUN — the girls had to get the most points by doing silly bachelorette party things. One of the cards said to find a guy and have him propose to you; another said find a guy with a hidden tattoo and have him show you; another was a truth or dare! This made the party so fun and memorable.

I think my favorite game we played at the bachelorette party was the bachelorette bingo! You can get it at any store, and the friend that can get her cards filled out first wins a prize.

What other activities were on the agenda?

After dinner [at the Hard Rock on Saturday], we headed to the Pussycat Dolls Lounge to split bottles and learn to burlesque dance. Of course, they pulled me on stage and taught me a thing or two — this is a must-do!

My mom, sister and BFF also had taken a pole fitness class earlier in the month where we had learned to do lap dances and a few pole and burlesque moves. If you have time on your bachelorette party, definitely try this out. IT’S SO FUN, A GREAT WORKOUT and you learn something fun for sexy time with your man!

Do you think destination bachelorette parties are the way to go? What are some fun ideas if you’re keeping it local?

I would recommend doing Las Vegas for a girls’ weekend destination party, especially if you live on the West Coast! It’s fun and there are so many things to do, and remember what happens in Vegas, STAYS IN VEGAS (just keep that rule).

If you want to keep it local, go for it! I planned a bachelorette party recently in Charlotte and we had a blast. We started out with champagne and snacks and made cupcakes and played games, then we took a pole fitness class. We went to dinner, then out to a club where we got a table.

I also recently went to a party that was a weekend getaway! For that you have to have a schedule. The fun part about a whole weekend is the fun of being with the girls — but it can get costly. The girl had planned a show, a pirate ship cruise, a bar crawl and a few dinners, brunches and bring your own snacks, so needless to say we ended up spending WAAAAY more money than planned and including flights or hotels it can be messy — no one wants to spend $600 on their friend’s bachelorette party!

What are your top tips for an awesome bachelorette party?

1. Plan it at someone’s home. If all the girls can have a sleepover, it saves on hotels (just make sure to let the hubby or roommates know before).

2. Go grocery shopping for the weekend. Hit up the big wholesale stores and even ask a few restaurants or local beer/liquor companies if they have deals or can donate to your party … sometimes liquor companies will want to give away a few samples, even mini bottles (every bit helps).

3. Make your own bachelorette party napkins, etc. Go to a craft store and stock up on the fake diamonds/”boy part” stuff and stickers and DIY GIRLS! It can be an event for the guests as they arrive!

4. Plan activities and games ahead of time. Ask every girl to come with something they already have — any game is fun with your girlfriends. Just turn it into a game about the bride … Monopoly, sure, just make it bridal monopoly. Twister becomes bridal Twister! Another great idea is to have your guests write a sentence memory to the bride, and then she in turn has to guess who they are from and share the story.

5. Plan a dinner for the weekend that the girls cook together, and plan a dinner where you go out. Remember: weddings can get costly, so no one wants to spend more money than needed at a party, when they still have the showers and wedding to go to!

6. Dancing with your girls is a must — make a mix tape or have your friends make one of their favorite memory, a car dance or a song you used to cheer to, maybe even a pep squad chant, then reenact it with your friends. Be silly and make more memories!!!

Are male strippers a do or a don’t?

If you can handle male strippers, they can be super fun, but don’t let your friends push you to do it just because they want to. Rather, take a pole fitness class or a lap dance class, and then you have something to share on the honeymoon!

Did you limit your guest list to your bridesmaids, or did you ask other friends as well?

I invited all my friends to come to my bachelorette party, and I have so many friends from other shows, especially since that’s what I have spent most of my time in L.A. (and most of my relationship with Brendon) doing.

Tell us more about Brendon. How did you know he was “the one”?

When I met Brendon, at first I wasn’t sure what to think — he was so handsome and funny, I thought he might just be a playboy. When I found out he’s passionate about science, I KNEW that day that I had to get to know him better. There’s more to a person than JUST what they look like on the outside.

When I first fell in love with Brendon, we had soooooooo much time to talk and play and flirt. It’s kinda crazy, but being secluded from the rest of the world and forced to talk really does make for some serious bonding times. It’s also so fun that Brendon and I have gotten to do this all together! We got to travel around the world together, we got to share the win of Big Brother together, we got to work with My Fair Wedding together — every time I think something is scary, I know Brendon is right there by my side!

How did he pop the question?

When Brendon proposed, he took me to San Diego and we went on a hot air balloon ride (where I JUST KNEW he was going to propose — he didn’t). Then we had a picnic with cheese and crackers and wine (again I thought he was going to propose — DIDN’T) then we went to the Paradise Point resort and had a private bungalow on the beach (again I thought this was it — I was wrong). We went to dinner and then for a walk on the beach, then FINALLY, when he knew I was upset and couldn’t take it anymore, we stopped in front of a bonfire under the stars and he told me I had become his best friend, then got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend his life loving me…AWWW I MELTED RIGHT THEN!

Were you able to get anything out of him about his bachelor party?

Brendon also had a bachelor party in Las Vegas … I STILL can’t get out of the boys what happened!