About Ethan

Ethan Alexander is a 45-year-old software entrepreneur in San Francisco, CA. He made his millions in the tech world and continuously invests in promising start-ups.

He’s traveled the world thanks to the help of travel agent that plans his trips and secures his seat in first-class. He also indulges in two massages a week and has two personal tailors to make sure he’s feeling and looking his best. You can find him driving around San Francisco or Newport Beach (where his other home is) in his Maserati or a convertible JAG.

But while he’s enjoyed the finer things in every aspect of his life – from geek gadgets to a private table at the America Cup – he says he’s ready to find a wife and start a family. He won’t just settle for just any lady though, he admits he has high expectations for himself and for his future partner.

Here’s what he’s looking for:

– A well-dressed blonde woman in her early to mid-30s who's ready to be a mother.

– A woman who is done partying and is ready for serious commitment.

– A down-to-Earth woman who comes from a great family – he’s not looking for a young, dumb trophy wife.

– A woman with an incredible presence and has a strong, solid foundation.

– A woman with an athletic and adventurous personality.

– A woman who can be his best friend – and someone to support and work on life together.

Ethan will go undercover as a surfer who gives lessons and occasionally works as a valet to pay the bills. He’ll live by the beach and drive a Jeep Wrangler.