About Greg

Greg Plitt is a 35-year-old entrepreneur living in Burbank, CA. Greg has made a name for himself in the fitness industry as the Owner of Metaball, selling fitness products and modeling his impressive physique.

Greg was once an Army Ranger which gave him an incredible sense of adventure and turning him into an adrenaline junkie that thrives on high-octane activities like tandem skydiving and bungee jumping.

He enjoys the finer things in life, especially electronics and gadgets. He drives a Range Rover and admits that he never looks at the price of anything.

But he's not all about the adventure and the fun – he also supports his family and bought their homes. He also has three pit bulls and his involved in a pit bull rescue charity.

While he was engaged previously, Greg hasn't quite found the perfect match. Here's what he's looking for: -A woman who won't judge him for his money and really wants to get to him, just for him.

-An independent, confident and secure woman.

-A woman who doesn't care what others thing and really lives in the moment.

-A woman who can keep him on his toes and challenged, but also let him do the same in return.

-A woman who wants to start a family. Greg will go undercover as a landscaper who drives a beat-up white pick-up truck and lives in a one-bedroom apartment on York Street in Highland Park, CA.