About Kal

Kal Williams is a 40-year-old entrepreneur living in Sherman Oaks, CA. His estimated net worth is $3 million.

He’s addicted to anything and everything luxurious: he owns several collectible luxury European sports cars, and only wears designer clothes. While he lives in a 6,000 square-foot home, he travels frequently and spends a lot of time in Monte Carlo.

Kal has never been married, he has three daughters and is open to having more – but only with the right woman. He says his ex-fiancé was a major gold-digger and is now hoping to find a genuine woman.

Here’s what he’s looking for:

– An independent, confident woman who is smart, witty and spontaneous.

– A happy, optimistic girl who has a great sense of humor and enjoys different cultures.

– An attractive woman who takes care of herself and isn’t sloppy or messy: he likes manicures and can’t stand dirty feet or yellow teeth.

– A woman who’s well-rounded and grounded that can go from high class to low class and still be happy.

-A woman who is not a groupie or a party girl and can control her drinking habits.

-A self-made woman who’s intelligent and passionate about something. He loves creative women but doesn’t want your typical singer, actress or model.

Kal will go undercover as artist who has been struggling for five years and shoots headshots to cover his bills. He’ll live in Mar Vista and use his studio apartment as a workspace. While he’ll be encouraged to ride his bike, he’ll also have a Nissan Sentra.