About Mandy

Mandy Wolf is a 34-year-old heiress living in Santa Monica, CA. Her great grandfather created the Carnation empire which he sold to Nestle in 1985 for three billion dollars. Though she has a degree in finance, Mandy doesn’t work because, frankly, she doesn’t need to.

Mandy is very close to her family – including step-sister Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars ­- who live all around the world and have the luxury of owning a Caribbean hotel AND a private jet. Mandy also has a pup named Mishue, that she loves. She has a $100K Mercedes Benz that she rarely drives. She doesn’t even grocery shop and she gets all of her food delivered.

Mandy has been single for three years and she’s ready for the relationship and possibly, the love of her life.

Here’s what she’s looking for:

– A smart, funny and organized man who’s ready to commit and would be a good father to her future children.

– A man that shares her passion for animals.

– A man who is tall and athletic and would be open to trying new things.

– A man that comes from a strong family background, and while he doesn’t need to be a millionaire, she wants him to pick up the dinner bill.

Mandy will go undercover as a dog walker who lives in a rougher part of Hollywood and commutes via bicycle.