Megan Aballi

About Megan Aballi

Megan Aballi is an Orange County native who has built a successful career as a nail technician in a trendy Newport Beach salon. She’s well-known as one of the top educators in the country for gel nails and makes enough money to keep her wardrobe filled with her favorite designers.

Megan never intended to get pregnant before she settled down and got married, but after one wild night at a “Taco Tuesday” bash, she found herself pregnant by a much older man. Her family is supportive of her decision to keep the child, but her father isn’t aware that the baby’s father is his age! Although her baby daddy wants to be a part of his daughter’s life, Megan is clear that she doesn’t see him in that roleshe wants to find a man she loves and start a real family.

Megan’s days are packed with clients and she’s not letting her pregnancy slow her down at work or at play. In fact, she says that men flirt more with her now that she’s pregnant than ever!  Plus, she hears that sex while pregnant is amazing, so she’s hoping to find the man of her dreams so she can try it out!