Shana Prevette

About Shana Prevette

Shana Prevette has a glamorous life as a very successful full-time model. A three-time Miss Hawaiian Tropic winner, Shana has booked major bikini photo shoots and national ads for companies like Ice House Beer and Hooters.

Despite her pregnancy coming as a surprise, she’s thrilled to be having a baby. But as a swimsuit model, she’s completely unprepared for her ever-changing body. Now she’s booking maternity shoots! And when her doctor tells Shana that her weight gain is at the top of the scales, she’s stunned! Nevertheless, Shana braves the new world of pregnancy modeling and finds that she’s still wildly sexy to men while pregnant.

Her best guy friend, a race car driver, wants to set her up with men from his world. Meanwhile, her two pregnant girlfriends are tired of her dating “riff-raff” and are pushing her to date more stable, settled-down bachelors.