About Okevia

Okevia has ten years of real estate experience under her belt. She survived the economic down turn and the collapse of home value during the recession. Through it all, Okevia has learned to adapt and to multi-task. She once specialized in listing high-end homes in new suburban developments. Now, many of her clients are first-time buyers who are finally able to afford a home.

To augment her commissions, Okevia opened her own hair salon, Lux: The Salon, with her now ex-husband. For four years she’s balanced being a real estate agent with running the daily business of a salon that employs a half-a-dozen hair stylists. Okevia has found it convenient to network with her real estate clientele while they are getting their hair done. “If they can trust me with their hair, they’ll trust me with their home.”

In addition to juggling two very different careers, Okevia is raising two teenage sons. She says her ex-husband, who was her high school sweetheart, has been a great partner in co-parenting their children. Now she’s ready to get out and start dating for the first time in 15 years.