About Tahlia

Tahlia got a taste for real estate at an early age, watching and learning from her father who flipped homes in Atlanta. She originally started her career in property management but she quickly tired of the routine 9-5 lifestyle. Always independent and entrepreneurial, Tahlia earned her real estate license in 2008. With the mortgage bubble burst and resulting economic recession, she entered the real estate business at the worst possible time. But Tahlia prevailed, learning to network and build relationships with clients.

As a result of her ability to network, connect and her natural ability to take a really great photo – Tahlia has found it easy to connect with rappers and athletes. She has specialized in finding high-dollar leases for musicians making albums in Atlanta. Now, she’s aggressively finding investment opportunities for professional athletes who are looking to purchase and flip homes in the ever-expanding Atlanta market.

Tahlia is currently living with her boyfriend, LaKyle.