Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!

Follow Tamar Braxton’s epic journey to reclaim love, reboot her music career, and reconcile with her family.

S1, E2

Break Room Breakdown

Tamar’s past comes between her and David; Tamar explodes when production makes a suggestion.

S1, E3

Old and New Wounds

A trip back home brings hope of reuniting with her sister Traci. David questions the Dream Work.

S1, E4

Caught in the Middle

David confronts Goli about the nature of the Dream Work. Tamar cancels Production… again!

S1, E5

Celebration and Chaos

David’s birthday party has Tamar juggling multiple challenges. Goli and David square off.

S1, E6

Final Word

As the documentary comes to a close, Tamar is forced to address unfinished personal business.