About Candace

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Amped up and on-the-go, Candace makes no compromises in her life. Being the mother of four year-old triplets, Brooks, Reese, and Sloane hasn’t slowed her down in the slightest, despite being the oldest of the moms at age 42. She’s all about being cool, fun and fit. She prides herself on getting out and partying with her girlfriends while still making sure her kids get lots of attention. She also makes lots of time for romance with her husband, Steve, an accountant and aspiring poet. Candace wants it all!
As a former Elementary School Assistant Principal, Candace takes a balanced and communicative approach to parenting. Three four year-olds might be too much for most parents, but Candace handles everything they throw at her with apparent ease. She’s very much on top of her parenting – and pretty much everything else.
Like many in Dallas, Candace works hard to keep up appearances. In addition to staying on top of fitness and fashion, she enjoys being the social organizer for the group of moms. Candace considers herself a loyal friend to Tonia, having helped Tonia through her painful divorce. But sometimes putting herself in the middle of everything gets tricky. Her go-getter attitude and uncompromising approach to life doesn’t always rub everyone the right way. But as Candace will tell you, “Love it or leave it baby!”