About Casey

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A former gymnast and self-professed control freak, Casey puts a lot of pressure on herself to be the perfect parent. Her four three year-olds, Trey, Reid, Cameron and Brady can melt anyone’s heart, but they’re a lot for one woman to handle. Casey strains to keep everything in her house in order, and she carefully manages every aspect of her quadruplets’ lives. A difficult pregnancy followed by their premature birth has made Casey hyper-protective, and she struggles with allowing her children any kind of independence. While some find her style of parenting restrictive, Casey firmly believes that without the structure of a schedule her life would simply dissolve into chaos. Fortunately, her goofball husband, Robbie, helps lighten the mood in the home.
On top of managing a raucous household, Casey runs her own online business, Designed for Babies, which sells toys, clothing and baby items geared toward moms with multiples. Casey also lives for time out with her girlfriends, which she believes is a necessity rather than a luxury. Having a drink and venting about life allows her to let her hair down and cut loose her knife-like wit.