About Suz

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Suz’s authentic smile and laid-back attitude sets her apart from most multi-mamas. A former perfectionist, the birth of her quadruplets actually helped Suz relax and let go of control. Now, she takes a playful approach to parenting and life.
But don’t let Suz’s sweet smile fool you. Behind her cute exterior lurk a shrewd mind and a wise soul. She knows that sometimes being a true friend means pushing hard and being tough. While she does not invite drama into her life, she does not mince words either – especially with her dear friend Casey Gerwer. Having mentored Casey through her own quad pregnancy, Suz considers her more a sister than a friend. She is always willing to lend an ear and help Casey through her parenting difficulties.
Suz sees each daily challenge as an adventure, whether it’s going back to her job as a surgical nurse part-time or dropping her kids off at pre-school. She is lucky to have an amazing partner in her husband, Joe, and together they’ve taken the ups and downs of raising their quadruplets, Drew, Ethan, Ben and Savannah with apparent ease. To know the Steece Family is to not just love, but adore them.