About Teryn

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A Southern Belle, through and through, Teryn takes pride in maintaining proper standards for herself and those around her. But while she may blush at the mere mention of the word “sex”, there’s a firecracker underneath Teryn’s well-mannered exterior. Easygoing and fun with her friends, Teryn has her work cut out for her at home. Having her daughter, Taylor, didn’t prepare Teryn for the ordeal of three-year-old triplet boys; nothing could have. Jake, Tyson and Zachary are three tiny tornadoes destroying everything in their path. Even Teryn’s firefighter husband, Ryan, can’t keep control. He counts everyone keeping their limbs as a win for each day.

Having triplets has impacted Teryn’s life in challenging ways. She struggles with the constant pressure to keep up appearances in an image obsessed town. She also worries for her daughter, Taylor, fearing she will always be pushed aside while the triplets get the lion’s share of time and attention. Fortunately, Teryn has the support of her fellow multi-mamas. They’re there for her, and they understand. They’re all living it together.