About Tonia

Can one woman do it all?
Tonia certainly thinks so. This single mom runs her own business, parents her twin girls, parties with her girlfriends and even gets out to enjoy the singles scene when she can. A published author on the subject of home organization, Tonia single handedly built a professional organizing company, Sorted Out, from the ground up. With a growing staff of employees, Tonia dreams to expanding her business nationally and strives to one day be the “Martha Stewart of organizing.”
Despite her overloaded schedule, Tonia she always makes sure to make time for her four-year old twin daughters, Peyton and Sydney. She also believes in being a strong role model for them, in spite of the many curveballs that life has thrown her.
Tonia counts Candace as one of her closest confidants, and relies on her advice for everything from parenting to wardrobe to dating. They have powerful bond, and they protect and support each other through everything. Candace has been pushing Tonia to get out there and meet new guys, backing Tonia up as her wing-woman and critic. Only the world’s greatest guy will do for Tonia!