Waka & Tammy

Waka Flocka Flame and his wife Tammy Rivera navigate the challenges of married life.

S2, E2

Marriage Is Emotional

Tammy throws an extravagant quinceañera. The family wonders if Charlie’s biological dad will pull up.

S2, E3

Marriage Is Unpredictable

Tammy drags Waka to a counseling session where she reveals a shocking bombshell.

S2, E4

Marriage Is Dramatic

Tammy’s search for her identity is threatened when a stalker returns. Waka fears for her safety.

S2, E6

Marriage Is Stressful

It's a girls' weekend! But, Tammy and Charlie's trip to Baltimore ends in a dramatic breakdown. 

S2, E7

Marriage Is Unconditional

Waka’s romantic surprise. Tammy and Charlie go to therapy and have a major breakthrough.

S2, E8

Marriage Is Lit

Charlie’s secret surprise shocks all. Waka and Tammy reignite their marriage, and their sex life.